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Cebu-Bohol Trip

my first fly..

So this is it, i uploaded some of my pictures on my cebu-bohol trip last November 2010 during my college years.. this is my first fly..my first time to ride an airplane haha...yeah it is... anyway i wanna share some of the places I have went to with my batchmates..

I'll begin then with the great Lapu-lapu in Cebu! He fought for Philippines against Magellan during Spanish colonization. Hmm im not that really good in history yeh know hehe.. we also went to The Cross in Magallanes Street whick marks the spot where the first Christian Filipinos, Philippine Taoist Temple, and Alegre Guitars where traditional guitars are made.


The most thrilling place was in Crown Regency Hotel and Towers still in Cebu..why? It's because there is skywalk extreme and edge coaster! It was a heck of a high! By the way...the edge coaster thing made me really nervous....and i love it!


Going to Bohol. We wen to Bohol Bee Farm.. there are of course bees in there, restaurant, statues, different plants, and just nature. I think this will be a good place for kids..anyway their restaurant is somewhat solemn and the ambiance was great at night :)

One of the coolest we went to is at the Loboc Riverwater Floating Resto. It was my first experience to this kind of thing and it was good. There were stopovers wherein locals dance and sing with traditional music. I like that trees, plants here are very..healthy..haha cant think of the right term.

We also wen to Museo de Loboc, Baclayan Church, Bohol Plaza, and Bohol Beach Club. We also went to see a tarsier. It was so small so adorable..so harmless..in peace just sleeping haha. The sight in Bohol Beach Club was amazing. It was not crowded when we were there so it was great.. the sand, water and facilities there were good.
149109_170..0_6402818_n.jpg74513_1703..8_7015529_n.jpgMuseo de Loboc

Museo de Loboc


And of course, last but definitely not the least, we went to Chocolate Hills! It was amazing how nature is.


By the way, i am not sure now how these places look like now because of the earthquake that took last year in Visayas part of the Philippines which includes Cebu and Bohol. This was followed by the typhoon yolanda. I heard in news that some churches and other structures have destroyed and there were lives that are taken away. But come on, they..We are Filipinos. And i think u get it, right? Or if not, then try to visit Philippines. :)

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New here!

Heeeyy! yes i am new here.. i am new in blogging.. so why do i wanna do this,,, it is because i wanna treasure more my hobby...my passion to travel and to experience things.. i went to some places already but just within my country, Philippines. But come on, i am very happy already to be able to travel since u know i am not a professional traveller.. i am just an ordinary traveller who has a job.. 5days a week and it's frustrating.. i really wanna travel more...like more and more... it is just that i kinda have some limitations (one of these is what i have mentioned) to be able to do what i love.. anyways, i'll be posting my previous travels and try my best to remember specific things for other travellers. And yeah of course will write here my future travels :))))

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